Tuesday 15 January 2019

The Pacific II

One of the things which amazed me at the coast was the number of common ducks I see in urban parks and ponds, such as the Mallard (Magamoマガモ) and the Spot-billed Duck (Karugamoカルガモ). They can be hardy, too!

Thousands of them were out in the open sea, floating on the choppy water. 
Some can be seen as far out as a kilometre from the shore, according to Mrs M.

I had assumed that they were freshwater ducks. How wrong I was! 

A flock of Dunlins (Hamashigiハマシギ) and Sanderlings (Miyubishigiミユビシギ)were having a rest with some Spot-billed ducks.

Kentish Plovers (Shirochidoriシロチドリ) on the beach
These plovers are resident in the area. 

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