Thursday 13 September 2018

Ho Chi Minh City 1

The Saigon Botanic Gardens were founded by the French in 1865 equipped with a zoo.

An endangered Nothern White-cheeked Gibbon
There was no cage or net around them but somehow they were staying in trees on a small island surrounded by a narrow waterway.

And on the same island, there were amazing birds, which we had never imagined to see in the botanic gardens!

Oriental Darter(アジアヘビウ)

 Little Cormorant(アジアコビトウ)

Ruddy Shelduck(アカツクシガモ)

Spot-billed Duck(カルガモ)

Purple Swamphen(セイケイ)

None of them seemed to be captive and were free to go whenever they felt like:)

Something very small was running around on the ground.

Lesser Mouse-deer(マメジカの仲間、カンチール?)
the smallest known hoofed mammal according to wikipedia:)
They looked slightly bigger than rats, which were also residents on the island.

views in HCMC

the statue of Ho Chi Minh and the People's Committee Building

the Municipal Theatre(left) and the Continental Hotel

the Majestic Hotel

chaotic traffic in the city

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