Wednesday 12 September 2018

Cat Tien National Park in Vietnam 4

When we were bird-watching in the open grassland, many pigeons and doves were flying over us. The thunder started and then many doves got together in trees looking like they were resting together.

Most of them were Red Collared Doves(ベニバト)but unfortunately the light or distance weren't great so we can't tell the redness on their chest.

Burmese Shrike(ハイガシラモズ)
It's a pity that we can't see its shrike-like long tail...

White-throated Kingfisher(アオショウビン)
It was sitting there at least for half an hour while we were avoiding the rain in a shed.

Mr Trong was our excellent guide and he's working for Vietnam Wildlife Tours & Research (Wildtour Co., Ltd). If you have a plan to go to Vietnam and want a good bird-watching guided tour, we would strongly recommend to contact them.

Thank you very much, Mr Trong and Mr Bao, the managing director, who organised our trip.

I will put up some pictures not of birds but animals and insects in the park.

Northern Pig-tailed Macaque(キタブタオザル)
This one was missing his left arm below his elbow.
 She is a mum and has a baby under her food. Can you see him?

More than 500 species of butterflies are recorded in the park according to our guide, Mr Trong.

The room we stayed in the park accommodated all sorts of creepy crawlies and geckos were at every corner of the building.

massive trees in the jungle

We were attacked by many, many leeches in the forest...
If you don't like leeches, stop here. (ヒルがダメな人は見ないでくださいね)

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