Tuesday 11 September 2018

Cat Tien National Park in Vietnam 3

There are several birds in the cuckoo family in Cat Tien and none of them was easy to take pictures of...

Violet Cuckoo(スミレテリカッコウ)
The male has a beautiful violet-coloured plumage as the name suggests while the female is kind of bronze coloured. They are a very small cuckoo - about 16-17cm.

Drongo Cuckoo(オウチュウカッコウ)
At first sight, it looked like a drongo but it had a bill like a cuckoo! Rather confusing! The white-barred undertail was distinct for this species.

We saw both Greater and Lesser Coucals(オオバンケンとバンケン)and I am not sure which this one in the picture is...
Coucals are non-parasitic cuckoos like the Green-billed Malkoha(オニクロバンケンモドキ), which we also saw in Cat Tien.

More than 20 species of birds in the Woodpecker family are recorded in Vietnam and we saw 6 of them - 1. Grey-capped Woodpecker, 2. Laced Woodpecker, 3. Common Flameback, 4. Greater Flameback, 5. Rufous Woodpecker, 6. White-browed Piculet, and heard a rare one calling - Pale-headed Woodpecker.

Laced Woodpecker(タケアオゲラ)
Greater Flameback(コガネゲラ)
Its Japanese name is Koganegera, which means a "Golden" woodpecker, and it is a perfect match with its golden back!

Black-and-red Broadbill(クロアカヒロハシ)

Common Iora(ヒメコノハドリ)
We saw Great Iora(オオヒメコノハドリ), too but unfortunately, there's no picture.

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