Saturday 9 September 2017

Singapore in September II

Collared Kingfisher (Nanyoshobinナンヨウショウビン) - resident
caught something!

Coconut Lorikeet (Goshikiseigai-inkoゴシキセイガイインコ) - introduced resident
 Argh! blurred!
They are called 'Rainbow Lorikeets' as well.

Common Flameback (Zuaka-miyubigeraズアカミユビゲラ) - resident

a beautiful bird!

Greater Racket-tailed Drongo (Kazari-ochuカザリオウチュウ) - resident

This pair seem to be having a chat and they really sounded like they were gossipping:)

They stayed long enough for passers-by to take pictures of them with their phones.

Lineated Barbet (Shiroboshi-oogoshikidoriシロボシオオゴシキドリ) - introduced resident
We only saw them flying when with our guide, but this one just flew into a nearby tree in a park when we were just walking on a non-birding day:)

Little Spiderhunter (Kokumokaridoriコクモカリドリ) - resident
One of the birds I'd really wanted to see and thanks to Kim Seng's hawk eye we were able to observe him quite closely.

Gardens By the Bay

a closer look at the Supertree

 Marina Bay Sands

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