Sunday 10 September 2017

Singapore in September III

Oriental Magpie-robin (Shikichoシキチョウ) - resident

There was a family of Oriental Magpie-robin at the entrance of a park and the male brought an insect to give to the female, who gave it to the young one. 

 One of the young ones started to sunbath in front of us on the path:)

Malaysian Plover (Kuroeri-shirochidoriクロエリシロチドリ) - uncommon resident
Argh! This is the only pic I managed to take and she was showing her back at us...
She stayed on the shore with some Lesser Sand Plovers and Little Terns.

Pacific Swallow (Ryukyu-tsubameリュウキュウツバメ) - resident

Lots of them were flying over the cut grass and in the parks. Some Barn Swallows were also flying with them but the number was still very small.

Oriental Pied Hornbill (Kitakasasagi-saichoキタカササギサイチョウ) - resident
 He (she?) is rather bulky but acrobatic!

Pin-striped Tit-babber (Munafumushikui-chimedoriムナフムシクイチメドリ) - resident
 He(She?) was about the size of a great tit, moving like a goldcrest, and very vocal.

Purple Heron (Murasakisagiムラサキサギ) - resident
There was a tree with several Purple Herons' nests on it by this water.
This young one flew in a nearby tree and looked rather wobbly with its footing:)

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