Friday 23 June 2017

Sakura, Chiba

I had wanted to go to Sakura for a while to visit the National Museum of Japanese History and samurai houses still well-preserved in town.

Only a few minute's walk from the JR Sakura station, I found myself in the paddy fields.

A young Grey Heron (Aosagiアオサギ) was standing still just like a decoy! 

There were so many bird songs and calls coming from all directions - Skylarks, Oriental Reed Warblers, Meadow Buntings, Barn Swallows, Grey Starlings, Tree Sparrows, Oriental Greenfinches, Brown-eared Bulbuls, Japanese Pheasants, Japanese Bush Warblers...

Loads of Dragonflies as well

 hmm... a turtle but I do not know which one...
a lonely hybrid duck

The Lake used to be part of the moat in the Castle Park.
(There is no longer a castle there, only some remains scattered in the park.)

Uba-ga-ike in the castle park

the Iris garden in the castle park

Samurai Houses(Buke Yashiki武家屋敷)

Three houses are still open to the public with a small admission fee.

Samurai Path (an old path through thick bamboos)

Sakura is 10 miles northeast from Chiba and it takes only 17 minutes on the JR Narita Line. The National Museum of Japanese History is worth a visit and there are a couple of art museums in town too. For bird-watching, the paddy fields are very good for herons and egrets and the castle park is full of birds as well.

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