Sunday 19 March 2017

Singapore VII

I'll show a bit more of the photos I took in Singapore and end my Singapore entries.

Yellow Bittern (Yoshigoiヨシゴイ)

Oriental Magpie-robin (Shikichoシキチョウ)

Lesser Whistling Ducks (Ryukyugamoリュウキュウガモ)

Straw-headed Bulbul (Kigashirahiyodoriキガシラヒヨドリ)

This bulbul is one of the most popular birds for the pet-bird trade in South-east Asia and has been listed as an 'endangered' species. Singapore is the only country where the number of the bulbul has been increasing.

Blue-tailed Bee-eater (Hariohachikuiハリオハチクイ)

They were seen in many places even in the residential area where we stayed.

They are passing migrants according to Kim Seng, our guide, and the other bee-eater we saw, the Blue-throated Bee-eater, are resident but I didn't get a picture.

Plantain Squirrel (Bananarisuバナナリス)

Red Junglefowls (Sekishokuyakeiセキショクヤケイ)

Supertrees in Gardens by the Bay

We had an amazing two days birding with our wonderful guide, Kim Seng, and our sighting list counted 98 bird species! Thank you, Kim Seng!
If you are planning a birding trip in Singapore and need a guide, we strongly recommend Kim Seng for your guide:)

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