Tuesday 9 June 2015


5 Barn Swallow (Tsubameツバメ) chicks fledged one morning from a nearby nest and one of them perched just outside our flat.
A parent perched right next to him/her calling loudly.
They were sitting there for a while and all went towards the park.

Many Grey Starling (Mukudoriムクドリ) families were feeding on the ground.

The young ones were rather bold (or careless) and came very close towards me.
This mummy's boy was still begging for food.

Thick-billed Crow (Hashibutogarasuハシブトガラス) fledglings were quietly sitting in a tree, watching me cautiously watching him:)
This one got bored?
or hungry?

Young birds are everywhere at the moment. I know their survival rate is not so high but still I do hope they will do well.

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