Friday 12 June 2015

Kemigawa no Hama

I went back to see if any Little Terns (Koajisashiコアジサシ) had become interested in the patch by the Yacht Harbour.

and there she was!

and her partner standing a few yards away from her.

These were the only pair breeding within the protected area. I feared that they would not succeed to be honest...

Some plovers were near the little terns.

A Kentish Plover (Shirochidoriシロチドリ), looking like she was sitting on eggs.

6 more Kentish Plovers were in and around the area and I hope they will choose the area for their breeding ground.

a rare (on this particular beach) Lesser Sand Plover (Medaichidoriメダイチドリ)

A male Skylark (Hibariヒバリ) was singing in the air for more than half an hour while I was there. He touched down the ground and flew up singing vigorously again!

*** sad news ***
The Little Terns seemed to have abondoned their nest as there were no eggs left in it around 21/June. No one knows for sure about the disappearance of their eggs, perhaps by crows, cats, or rats? Who knows. Anyway, there is little hope for this season. Very sad.

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