Monday 25 May 2015

Inage Yacht Harbour

2 years ago just after we moved into Chiba, we went to Inage Yacht Harbour to see Eastern House Martins.

But last year I didn't see any martins' nests on the same building and sadly there are none this year again.

There were a couple of pairs of Barn Swallows (Tsubameツバメ) flying around the building this year.  They looked like they were refurbishing the old nests.


This one looked completed but empty??

 Then, I saw 2 yellow mouths in the nest when a parent came back!!
It looked almost like the chick was swallowing its mum!

Although there were no martins' nests, I was happy I was able to have a close look at the Swallows' nests. The Barn Swallows have been having a tough time in Japan (probably in many other countries as well) and I do hope these guys will do well to raise their chicks.

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