Saturday 28 March 2015

Birding in Taiwan VI

Day 3&4 Snow Mountain (大雪山) 4

We also saw many woodland birds, most of which are small and agile but I managed to take some pictures of them.

Coal Tit (Higaraヒガラ)
Coal Tits in Taiwan have a big(ish!) crest.
already a busy time for parents!

Green-backed Tit (Kibara Shijukaraキバラシジュウカラ)
Green-backed Tits look very much like the Great Tits we were so used to watching in the UK. The big difference is that Green-backed ones have a white nape.

Black-throated Tit (Zuaka Enagaズアカエナガ)
wish he was closer...

Spotted Nutcracker (Hoshigarasuホシガラス)

The dawn chorus was amazing around our accommodation.

Vivid Niltava(Chabara Oruriチャバラオオルリ)

Scaly Thrush (Toratsugumiトラツグミ)

Snow Mountain is one of the best birding places in Taiwan, we were told, as you have chance to see most of their endemic species/subspecies in a relatively small area. Probably even better with a knowledgeable & experienced guide, like our guide Ko-san.

Our sighting list for Snow Mountain :
Taiwan Hill Partridge (E), Chinese Bamboo Partridge (heard), Swinhoe's Pheasant (E), Mikado Pheasant (E), Oriental Honey Buzzard, Crested Goshawk, Collared Owlet (heard), Grey-chinned Minivet, Spotted Nutcracker (Essp), Thick-billed Crow, Coal Tit (Essp), Green-backed Tit (Essp), Yellow Tit (E), Taiwan Wren-babbler (E), Rufuous-faced Warbler (heard), Yellow-bellied Bush Warbler (Essp), Taiwan Bush Warbler (E), Rufous-capped Babbler (Essp), Dusky Fulvetta (Essp), Grey-cheeked Fulvetta (E), White-whiskered Laughingthrush (E), Steere's Liocichla (E), White-eared Sibia (E), Taiwan Yuhina (E), Flamecrest (E), Eurasian Nuthatch (heard), Taiwan Whistling Thrush (E), Scaly Thrush, White-browed Bush Robin (Essp), Collared Bush Robin (E), Plumbeous Redstart (Essp), White-tailed Robin (Essp), Vivid Niltava (Essp), Red-flanked Bluetail, Fire-breasted Flowerpecker (Essp), Taiwan Rosefinch (E)

Ko-san took us to Dongshi (東勢) in the afternoon and our sighting list there is:
Chinese Bamboo Partridge (heard), Little Egret, Great Egret, Crested Serpent Eagle, Spotted Dove, White-bellied Green Pigeon, House Swift, Taiwan Barbet, Black Drongo, Black-naped Monarch, Collared Finchbill, Light-vented Bulbul, Black Bulbul, Barn Swallow, Pacific Swallow, Striated Swallow, Asian House Martin, Striated Prinia, Dusky Fulvetta, Common Myna, Plumbeous Redstart, White Wagtail, Tree Sparrow

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