Friday 27 March 2015

Birding in Taiwan IV

Day 3&4 Snow Mountain (大雪山) 2

Endemic Species we saw (and managed to take pictures of)

Taiwan Whistling Thrush (Rurichoルリチョウ)

Taiwan Yuhina (Kammuri Chimedoriカンムリチメドリ)
They are very much like tits, moving around very quickly and making lots of calls but they are actually babblers.

Taiwan Rosefinch or Vinaceous Rosefinch (Takasagomashikoタカサゴマシコ)
a gorgeous wine-red coloured male

 a female with a squirrel

When we started our day at around 6.30, the temperature was a bit over 10 degrees, a comfortable temperature for birding. 

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