Sunday 13 July 2014

Ecology Park

There were quite a few visitors to the lake in the Ecology Park on 13/July, despite the bad weather.

a Great White Egret (Daisagiダイサギ)

a Grey Heron (Aosagiアオサギ)

a very young Black-crowned Night Heron (Goisagiゴイサギ).
There is a particular name for young BC Night Herons in Japanese: Hoshigoiホシゴイ, meaning a spotty BC night heron, which is easy to know why:)

a male Kingfishers (Kawasemiカワセミ)

a Little Grebe (Kaitsuburiカイツブリ)

a juvenile Moorhen (Banバン)

more than 50 crows came one after another to have a bath
many Thick-billed Crows (Hashibutogarasuハシブトガラス) and a couple of Carrion Crows (Hashibosogarasuハシボソガラス)

Rare visitors: Raccoon Dogs (Tanukiタヌキ)


empty shells of young dragonflies (nymphs) on the pole

a Japanese Sand Wasp (Nippon Hanadaka-bachiニッポンハナダカバチ)

the wasp's nest

very quiet looking lake but full of life

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