Sunday 16 March 2014

Aoba no Mori Koen

We went to Aoba no Mori Koen for the first time for a while taking our cameras.

It was a lovely day and early cherry blossoms were already out:)

A lot of Grey Starlings (Mukudoriムクドリ) were busily foraging on the ground.

So were Grey-faced Buntings (Aojiアオジ). They are wintering birds around here and soon we won't see them in the park.

A very shy Brown-headed Thrush (Akaharaアカハラ) came out into the open but seemed to notice us and went back in the bamboo bush.

On the other hand, this Pale Thrush (Shiroharaシロハラ) didn't seem to mind us and kept stirring the leaves vigorously.

A Little Egret (Kosagiコサギ) was disturbing the water with his feet and picked up something small.

We had a squashed tangerine. As soon as we threw some of it on the ground, 
he found it, picked it up and flew up in a tree quickly.

Aren't you a bit greedy?!

A male Bull-headed Shrike (Mozuモズ) looked busy hunting some insects.

A pair of Little Grebes (Kaitsuburiカイツブリ) came back to the pond in the Ecology Park and were calling to each other quite often. We hope they'll breed there this year again.

Pond Sliders (Akamimigameアカミミガメ) have woken up from their hibernation. Looking like they were enjoying sunbathing:)

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