Sunday 22 December 2013

Ecology Park

There were three Falcated Ducks (Yoshigamoヨシガモ) where I work in Funada-ike and I took my husband to show them to him on the weekend, but, of course, there was no sign of them! Typical isn't it!

But there were quite a few species to see in and around the lake. 

Gadwalls (Okayoshigamoオカヨシガモ)

 Two male Teals (Kogamoコガモ)
A male Mallard (Magamoマガモ)

Little Grebe (Kaitsuburiカイツブリ)
A Grey Heron (Aosagiアオサギ) and

a Black-crowned Night Heron (Goisagiゴイサギ) were hiding really well.

A male Kingfisher (Kawasemiカワセミ) perched in a tree just across from the hide.

A Dusky Thrush (Tsugumiツグミ) perched for a short while at the top of a tree by the lake.

A large flock of Oriental Greenfinches (Kawarahiwaカワラヒワ)

A Pale Thrush (Shiroharaシロハラ) didn't come out into the open...

A Thick-billed Crow (Hashibutogarasuハシブトガラス) looks a bit like a small Raven.

A Brown-eared Bulbul (Hiyodoriヒヨドリ) is calling - they are seen everywhere and at any time of the year.

I got a new camera for Christmas from my husband:) and tried it for the first time on that day. It allows me to take a wide range of photos from macro close-up to super-zoom. I'd like to get used to handling it soon:)

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