Monday 17 June 2013

Brown Hawk Owl (Aobazukuアオバズク)

It's been proper rainy season weather for a week or so and finally the sun came out today. I just couldn't stay home so I wandered off...

Hoot hoot...

This was my first Brown Hawk Owl ever!

I've read some blogs talking about Brown Hawk Owls in a small park in Chiba-city and I was lucky I was able to get there as none of the blogs mentioned the name of the park specifically.

Some local elderly people, who have been watching the Brown Hawk Owls breed in the park for years and years, came up to me and kindly showed me their records (something like when the adults arrived, when they seemed to start sitting on their eggs, when the chicks made their first appearance from the nest hole, when they left the park for winter, etc.). These owls are really lucky ones, I bet! 

I only saw one but hopefully there will be another one somewhere and they can breed successfully.

It looked a little bit sleepy:)

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