Friday 3 May 2013

Moorhen in Ecology Park

The lake in the Ecology Park looked completely empty on the 2nd May, apart from a couple of Swallows (Tsubameツバメ) feeding high above us, then suddenly, something caught our eye.

A Moorhen (Banバン)! This one was the first Moorhen we'd seen on this lake. We were told that Moorhens and Coots don't breed around here so we didn't expect to see one, especially at this time of year. What are you doing?

He was paddling around the far corner of the lake and then disappeared into the reedbed.

After a couple of minutes, he reappeared with a fish dangling from his beak, and...

landed on the little island and gobbled it up!

We thought Moorhens were herbivores but apparently not. Is that usual behaviour for a moorhen? Interesting:)

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