Monday 15 April 2013

Yatsuhigata Nature Observation Centre 2

From the path towards the centre, we spotted quite a few Black-winged Stilts (Seitakashigiセイタカシギ) feeding, bathing and preening:)

According to the Centre, a pair have started building their nests on an artificial raft made for them. Good luck!

Some have white heads, some black, some grey...

When they fly, their long, pinky legs stick out way away from their tails and they make distinct calls, which are similar to a dog's barking:)

Bathing in a group:)

A Grey Heron (Aosagiアオサギ) was being patient near the path.

Another Grey Heron was off balance in the wind:)



There are three species of white egrets seen in Japan: Little Egret (Kosagiコサギ), Intermediate Egret (Chu-sagiチュウサギ) and Great Egret (Daisagiダイサギ). It is easy to tell a Little Egret from a Great Egret but the Intermediate Egrets are somewhere in between... We have to see more individuals to know what exactly we should look at to tell them apart.

A Cormorant (Kawauカワウ) popped out from the water, saw us and quickly turned around!

A lone Coot (Oobanオオバン) was feeding as if he was admiring himself...

 Loads of little crabs on the mud. We don't know what sort of crabs they are. They must be having a tough time with hundreds of waders around them...

Tiny tiny tadpoles in a little pool by the Centre
They too are delicious meals for some birds, I'm sure...

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