Sunday 14 April 2013

Yatsuhigata Nature Observation Centre 1

On the 13th April, we visited Yatsuhigata, which is one of the best places for waders and ducks around Tokyo Bay.

It is really a bizzare place - in the middle of reclaimed land and connected to the sea only through two narrow streams. If you look round, you realise that you are surrounded by blocks of tall buildings and a raised motorway...  and yet there are so many birds in and around the mudflat.

A pair of Shovellers (Hashibirogamoハシビロガモ)

A male shoveller was too busy to mind me taking pictures of him:)

A pair of Teals (Kogamoコガモ)

He was too busy too...

We could see his beautiful feathers while he was munching away:)
Lovely bum!

A pair of Wigeons (Hidorigamoヒドリガモ)

Guys, bottoms up!!!

The observation centre is about half a mile away from the nearest station (Minami-funabashi) and once you are in Yatsuhigata Park, you can walk on a path running alongside the mudflat, which allows you to stop and observe birds through the gaps in the hedges.  Some of the ducks were feeding really close to where we were watching! 

About the Yatsuhigata Nature Observation Centre (in English)

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