Wednesday 13 March 2019

Spain II - Doñana National Park

Doñana National Park is located on the southeastern coast of Spain between Gibraltar and the border with Portugal and has one of the largest wetlands in Europe in it, a very important site for wildlife. Vicent, our guide, is knowledgeable and explained a lot about the park.

the birds we saw in Doñana National Park and around

White Storks (Shubashikohシュバシコウ) 

White Storks - resident in Andalucía

Glossy Ibis (Buronzu(bronze)-tokiブロンズトキ)

Glossy Ibis - resident in Andalucía

Spotless Starlings (muji-hoshimukudoriムジホシムクドリ)
These were taken at the same place as the 3rd pic for the white stork.
Red-rumped Swallows seemed to be mending their nests inside the brick building, flying in and out. (no pic...)
They look quite similar to the summer plumage of the Common Starling.
Spotless Starlings - resident in Andalucía

Squacco Herons (Kammuri-sagiカンムリサギ)
Squacco Herons always look surprised:)
wish I could have taken a photo of his/her? back as well.
Squacco Herons - resident in Andalucía

Black-crowned Night Herons (Goi-sagiゴイサギ)
Certainly they are one of the most numerous of the heron family in the world!
Black-crowned Night Heron - resident in Andalucía

click here for Vicent's Doñana Wings

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