Saturday 15 September 2018

Ho Chi Minh City 3

We were hoping to see the Purple Swamphen(セイケイ)in other countries but no luck till then. Now we couldn't believe how many of them were in one place!

a family of them - young ones haven't got a red beak yet.
 a chick was being fed:)

A curious one was taking a stroll on a path in the gardens.

Another type of big birds came out from the thicket of the island.
Black-headed Ibis(クロトキ)

There was a small (compared with the ibis and storks) heron-egret like bird standing on the log.

Chinese Pond Heron(アカガシラサギ)
We found more than one of them on the island, squabbling with each other for the better perch:)

An even smaller bird, but rather familiar to us, perched on a nearby lotus.
  a male Common Kingfisher(カワセミ)

It was a very good walk through the botanic gardens anyway but it turned out to be unexpectedly a great place for bird-watching in HCMC.

views in HCMC

the Saigon River

Zebra (peaceful) Doves(チョウショウバト)in a park

Tree Sparrows(スズメ)were busy stuffing themselves with grains someone threw on the street.

History Museum (we didn't go inside)

It goes without saying that it was worth spending a few hours in the War Remnants Museum.

That's all from the holiday in Vietnam. We would like to go somewhere else in the country to see different culture and birds.

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