Sunday 5 February 2017

Ecology Park

Funada-ike (pond) in Ecology Park is a good place to go in winter and you can see ducks and some other winter visitors from the warm hide:)

There were more than 10 Mallard (Magamoマガモ), 4 Teal (Kogamoコガモ), 3 Little Grebe (Kaitsuburiカイツブリ), a Cormorant (Kawauカワウ), a Grey Heron (Aosagiアオサギ) and 2 Moorhen (Banバン) in the water, and a Kingfisher (Kawasemiカワセミ) flew in and caught a little fish later on.

A Moorhen was running along the water edge towards the reedbeds.

One of the Little Grebes caught rather a large fish and tried very hard to swallow it for a while.

He finally spat it out and left it floating there...

On the way back, a Japanese Bush Warbler (Uguisuウグイス) was busy moving around in the tree.
mmm... difficult to get a clear shot of them..

On the other hand, this Black-faced Bunting (Aojiアオジ) was easy to get a close shot of, when she was foraging right by the path. (She eventually came out onto the path later.)

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