Tuesday 15 September 2015

Birding in Borneo IV

Day 2  Kinabalu Park - I

We set off our journey to Kinabalu Park early in the morning and stopped at Crockers Range on the way.

We were welcomed with the view of this magnificent Mountain Serpent Eagle:)

Chestnut-crested Yuhina - endemic to Borneo

They are a bit like tits in Japan or the UK, moving very quickly among the trees in flocks and making lots of noise!

Ashy Drongo

Drongos' behaviour is a bit like flycatchers', perching at one place upright, occasionally flying up to catch its prey and coming back to the same spot. It is difficult to spot them when they are motionless but our super-guide Osman spotted them with no problem, it seemed!

Black and Crimson Oriole

The crimson colour on its breast looked a lot brighter through the binoculars - a very handsome bird indeed!

Bornean Bulbul - endemic to Borneo

I took many photos of them but most of them were blurred...
zannen (disappointed).

In the forest, there were squirrels everywhere!
Giant Squirrels look like monsters as big as cats (about 75cm) and Pygmy Squirrels are smaller than most birds (about 10cm).  I was not able to take photos of either of them but I managed some other species of squirrel.

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