Monday 14 September 2015

Birding in Borneo II

Day 1 Kota Kinabalu - II

@ around town and the beach

Zebra Dove

They are smaller and slimmer than the Oriental Turtle Dove but the behaviour seemed similar.

Chestnut Munia
A flock of munias (Chestnut, Scaly-breasted) were foraging in a car park but I couldn't get closer to them because the place was too open and there was nowhere to hide for me;) This one voluntarilly came a bit closer to us though.

By that time, we got kind of used to the Collared Kingfisher's calls and realised they were rather common.

Hide-and-Seek with a Brown-throated Sunbird:)

 got you!

a gorgeous little bird!

Another gorgeous little bird was a Common Iora.

It moved like a goldcrest so it was very hard to focus on him through the lenses!

A Whimbrel and a Pacific Reef Egret were the only birds seen on this beach.

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