Friday 31 July 2015

Second Brood

The Tree Sparrow (Suzumeスズメ) living around our place seem to have had a successful second brood and the fledglings follow the adults begging for food.

I put some grains of rice in my pot and of course they ate it all and the aphids on my herbs too! Thanks, guys!

The fledglings seemed never to lose their appetite and the adults were patiently feeding the young ones.

The second brood of the Barn Swallow (Tsubameツバメ) has fledged successfully too.
 I know there were 6 eggs but only half of them hatched.

It is great all three fledged:)

They were fed by their parents on the wire for a few days and I heard them flying around for another 3 or 4 days being fed even in flight, but they are gone now. Hope they'll survive the long journey and come back next year again.

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