Tuesday 21 April 2015

Waders at Kemigawahama

On the beach at Keminaga no Hama, there were more than 50 Sanderlings (Miyubishigiミユビシギ) feeding on the edge of the water.

Among them, there was one with a bad leg.
He kept this foot lifted but moved around as quickly as the others.

All of them were so into feeding so they didn't fly away even when I went closer to them.
They were not quite in their breeding plumage yet but you can see the colours coming on the tail & back.

There was one Kentish Plover (Shirochidoriシロチドリ) sitting tight on the grass just by a path. 
She was actually sitting on a nest which already had 3 eggs in it. (I saw them when she ran away from me). The nest is right next to the path so I'm really worried but I can only wish her luck.

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