Sunday 9 February 2014

After Snow

In Aoba no Mori Koen after record-breaking snow fall in Chiba and many other places in Japan

Aoba-ga-Ike, not quite frozen but covered with thick snow

Three male Teals (Kogamoコガモ), just flying in.

fallen trees blocking the paths everywhere in the park

A flock of Oriental Greenfinches (Kawarahiwaカワラヒワ)

A small clearance was very important for ground feeding birds like those Grey-faced Buntings (Aojiアオジ).

a Grey-faced Bunting

A kind of cypress was very popular among the Brown-eared Bulbuls (Hiyodoriヒヨドリ).

quite acrobatic!

a Dusky Thrush (Tsugumiツグミ)

a White Wagtail (Hakusekireiハクセキレイ)

More snowfall is expected towards the weekend...

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