Tuesday 5 January 2021

Sea Ducks

Towards the end of our New Year holiday, we decided to go and see some sea ducks in Urayasu-shi.

It was a calm morning - perfect for sea-watching!

Rafts of ducks, mainly Greater Scaups (Suzugamoスズガモ), covered the water as far as we could see.


Some ducks dived and foraged near the embankment. (luckily for us!)

Red-breasted Merganser (Umiaisaウミアイサ)

 Northern Pintail (Onagagamoオナガガモ)

White-winged scoter (Birodokinkuroビロードキンクロ)

Wigeons (Hidorigamoヒドリガモ)

Quite a few people with huge cameras were on the quay and some told us what they could see and thanks to them, we were able to see a Long-tailed Duck very (really!) far out on the sea and some Goldeneyes as well. 

We were observing them so close that we were able to see their red BIG webbed feet😆

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