Monday, 6 January 2020

South Korea I

It was extremely hard towards the end of the year 2019 for both of us and the reward for ourselves at the end was a holiday (birding, of course!) in South Korea. YAY!

The weather was quite mild in South Korean terms while we were there, and it was very lucky. The temperature could have gone down to -30c!

Tofu hotpot & kimchi & veggies

A meal was always accompanied with kimchi & cooked vegetables/seaweed/bracken  (most of them were as spicy as kimchi) in small bowls for everyone at the table for sharing.

The birds we saw in Seoul were

Naumann's Thrush (Hachijo-tsugumiハチジョウツグミ)

Common Magpie (Kasasagiカササギ)

Chinese Grosbeak (Koikaruコイカル)

Coal Tit (Higaraヒガラ)

Marsh Tit (Hashibutogaraハシブトガラ)

Varied Tit (Yamagaraヤマガラ)

In the city centre, common magpies and brown-eared bulbuls were the two most abundant bird species. Interestingly, there were no crows (thick-billed or carrion) in the centre at all.

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