Monday 2 September 2019


Oh it's already September...
I was lucky to be involved in some bird surveys this summer and time was just flying by (when having fun! indeed!).

Time for migration. Yes!
My husband and I are not great at identifying waders but at least we tried:)
 (if our identification is wrong, please leave your comment!)

In the UK, when we saw a curlew, it was definitely a Eurasian curlew. BUT!
In Japan we have the Eurasian Curlew AND the Far Eastern Curlew and both can be seen at the same place at the same moment.

If my memory is right, I was told that the ones in the first 2 pictures are Eurasian Curlews (Daishakushigiダイシャクシギ) and the last one is a Far Eastern Curlew (Hourokushigiホウロクシギ).

a Far Eastern Curlew

This estuary has a very narrow sandy area and birds land quite close to the embankment where people can stand and watch them, which is lucky for us birdwatchers.

another Far Eastern Curlew. The far eastern curlew has a browner plumage than the Eurasian ones in general and its belly and vent are buff coloured (compared with the white belly and vent of the Eurasian Curlew)

Even though we were not sure which one was which at that time, the curlews are still a gorgeous bird to observe:)

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