Wednesday 17 October 2018


I saw a huge flock of White-cheeked(or Grey) Starlings (Mukudoriムクドリ) from a bus this week over an old woodland area where I had not thought to see them (in that number) and where I have not seen a single starling recently though they had used it for a roosting site for years. So, I decided to find where their new roosts were.

And it was not very hard...

When I was heading home from work by bike, I heard their familiar calls from somewhere close and of course I started to cycle towards the noises.

There they were. I was right under their murmuration!!

After a while, they started taking their pick of roosting locations and squabbling a lot!

What chaos! They did not settle down even after half an hour and it got too dark to film so unfortunately there is no picture or movie after this.

On the same evening, I came across each of the roosts for White Wagtails and Little Egrets. When birds begin getting together, autumn is really deepening...🍁

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