Saturday 14 January 2017


The temperature dropped to sub-zero overnight and I went out to see how the birds were coping with the cold to Sonnoh-no-Mori Koen.

The marshy area was all frozen so there was no sign of ducks nor herons but 2 Kingfishers were fishing over the tiny stream which wasn't frozen. One of them caught a small crayfish, banging it on the tree branch and swallowed it!

All the seed-eaters were doing quite fine.saw. I saw a huge flock of Oriental Greenfinch (Kawarahiwaカワラヒワ) of about 40 and at another location a small flock of Brambling (Atoriアトリ).

This lone Hawfinch (Shimeシメ) was my first in this season to observe very closely.
looking for hidden seeds

I heard quite a few Black-faced Bunting (Aojiアオジ) from the thicket and when a cat startled them out into the open, it was a great opportunity to see their beautiful bright yellow moustache and belly!

Usually, they are invisible like this:

A female Bull-headed Shrike (Mozuモズ) was hunting in the woodland area.

You can see her small but hooked beak.

When I was just leaving the park, a flock of Long-tailed Tits (Enagaエナガ) were at the edge of the woods.

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