Wednesday 16 September 2015

Birding in Borneo VI

Day 3  Kinabalu Park - I

During our early morning walk, this little fellow was singing very loudly in the bush by the path.
 Sunda Bush Warbler

It'd have been hard to see him in the thicket but he popped out and sang then went back into the bush.

Glossy Swiftlets' nests
Can you see the nests?
Some of the adults were in and out of the nests but I couldn't get that moment.

A beautiful Ruddy Cuckoo-dove flew into the thicket right in front of us:)
We saw them flying quite a few times but that was the only time we were able to observe him/her very closely.

A Bornean Treepie was sitting in a tree for a moment and flew away calling.

An Indigo Flycatcher was singing on a fence but just as I took my camera, he flew... typical!

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