Friday 23 January 2015

Kemigawa no Hama

A sunny wintery morning on the Kemigawa no Hama beach
(it is NOT a pretty sight when you see huge industrial plants on the other side of the water...!)

Hundreds of Greater Scaups (Suzugamoスズガモ) were floating in the bay.

a pair of Pintails (Onagagamoオナガガモ)

waders:  Dunlins (Hamashigiハマシギ) & a Kentish Plover (Shirochidoriシロチドリ)

 the sea was rather choppy

a large flock of Wigeons (Hidorigamoヒドリガモ) & some Coots (Oobanオオバン)

Vega Gulls (Segurokamomeセグロカモメ)

There were more birds than I had expected to see in the area. Possibly because it was sunny but really windy (not too bad inland), there was little disturbance for birds, which was great for me.

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