Saturday, 13 July 2013

Kasai Rinkai Koen 2

From the hides on the way back to the station around the lake, some lovely waders were seen.

Three Grey-tailed Tattlers (Kiashishigiキアシシギ) flew onto the lake just in front of the hide window.
Their Japanese name, Kiashishigi, means a yellow-legged wader and you can see why!

A couple of Little Ringed Plovers (Kochidoriコチドリ) and a Grey-tailed Tattler were wading in the shallows.

A lone Whimbrel (Chushakushigiチュウシャクシギ) was standing still, maybe saving energy?
When he moved a bit, I thought he was limping so I checked the photos when I got back home on the computer screen. He's got a fishing line or some kind of thread coming down from his leg.
On its right leg, a fishing lure or something of that kind seems stuck... This individual has been like that for more than a month now, so I was told. Could anything be done for him?

Are you taking my photo?
A young White Wagtail (Hakusekireiハクセキレイ) was practicing hunting in the shallows:)

Great Reed Warblers (Ooyoshikiriオオヨシキリ) were in a singing contest:) They sound quite similar to reed warblers.

It seems that the waders have started migration and it's going to be a good place here in Kasai Rinkai Koen for birds as well as birders for the next few months. If only the weather was more forgiving...

A large part of this lovely park will be transformed into a venue for the canoe competition if Tokyo wins the Olympics bid. Many conservationists/nature loving people have been trying hard and asking Tokyo to change their plans, but Tokyo doesn't seem to be listening. Would the Olympics be worth holding even with massive destruction, I wonder.

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