Saturday 20 July 2013

Aoba no Mori Koen

On the edge of the reedbed in Funada-ike lake, Little Grebes (Kaitsuburiカイツブリ) made a floating nest and now have 4 chicks and an egg.

It was hard to see through the reeds but an adult was sitting on the one egg which hadn't hatched yet and the other adult often came back to the nest bringing food for the hungry youngsters.

A Grey Heron (Aosagiアオサギ), which had been resting in a tree, jumped down into the lake. Woken up by hunger?

 Three Spot-billed Ducks (Karugamoカルガモ) were busy preening by Aobaga-ike but...

they dashed to the shore when they spotted someone with food:)

Spot-billed Ducks are equivalent to Mallards in Britain. You can see them on almost every pond or lake, or even in rice fields!

A subtle tapping noise was heard near the lake:) A busy Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker (Kogeraコゲラ) went up and down the branches.

His head was a blur! How can they peck so quickly?!

At this time of year, parks and woods in Japan are deafening with the noise of Cicadas.
Min-Min-Semi(ミンミンゼミ) - no English name found...
Abura-semi (アブラゼミ) -no English name found either...

Their noises are so different to each other and so are their sizes and colours so it's quite easy to identify most of the common cicadas. When birds are not so active during the summer (when they are most likely to moult), spotting Cicadas is an interesting alternative:)

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