Monday 1 April 2013

Kasai Rinkai Koen 2

Kasai Rinkai Koen Park has a bird sanctuary area, where there are a fresh water lake, a seawater lake and a couple of hides and we found the area around these lakes was very good for woodland birds:)

Lots of Tufted Ducks, some Wigeons, Spot-billed Ducks and Coots were seen on the fresh water lake.

Tree Sparrows (Suzumeスズメ) are everywhere in the park and outside the park as well:) Good to see them doing so well in a big city like Tokyo.

We can hear these chatty Brown-eared Bulbuls (Hiyodoriヒヨドリ) everywhere just like Tree Sparrows. They are having a feast at the moment as the spring has come and all the flowers and blossoms are in bloom.  Parties for appreciating cherry blossoms are not only for people!

A female Daurian Redstart (Jo-bitakiジョウビタキ) got really tense when a bird of prey, possibly a Goshawk, just flew over her (and our) head.

A male Daurian Redstart was foraging on the ground near the lake. He looks very similar to the Redstarts in Britain but the Redstarts in Britain have a whiter forehead, I think.

An adorable Japanese White-eye (Mejiroメジロ) was enjoying the nectar from the blossoms. Their behaviour is a bit like that of the Goldcrest but you'd never mistake their white eye-ring for anything else.

Oriental Turtle Doves (Kijibatoキジバト) are very common in Tokyo and we hear them cooing every morning outside our place:) I wonder why they are doing well in this not-particularly-environmentally-friendly city whereas the Turtle Doves in the UK are not even in the countryside.

A fascinating Blue Rock Thrush (Isohiyodoriイソヒヨドリ) was showing herself very well. She was so beautifully blue! Such a lovely bird:)

A Buzzard (Nosuriノスリ) was flying very low.  We spotted a Goshawk, a Sparrowhawk and a couple of Buzzards on that day. If you're lucky, you'll see several more different types of raptors in this park like Ospreys, Black Kites or Eastern Marsh Harriers.

A view from the East Beach towards the centre of Tokyo.

The blog by the Birdwatching Centre (in Japanese)

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